Monday, March 26, 2007

Here's To 78-degree Weather...In March!

Bird, Twiggy, and Daisy in the mud puddle.
Bird, Daisy, Twiggy, and an orange in the mud puddle.
I think Bird may have sat in the mud puddle.
Beautiful Bird!

Thawed mud...and my sweet Twiggy!

Rocky sporting his brand new DQ hat from Papa and Mimi!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

"Baby" Rocky

Rocky wanted to be swaddled tonight like "Ikie". He loves his little cousin so much!
He looked pretty funny, being so much bigger than a normal swaddled baby, however, as you can see from the picture below he looks pretty content (especially for a kid who did not like being swaddled as an infant).

I love how they notice things about other kids at such a young age (which means they probably notice things about parents at a young age too...scary).

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Deep Thoughts in the Night

"You know you can see if you're blinded"

I had a dream last night that I walked outside on a sunny day just after a snowfall and was blinded by it's brightness.

Does anyone else think strange things during the middle of the night? Should I be worried? I think pregnancy is taking it's toll on me.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Story of Three Sisters

Once there were three sisters who decided to go out for the eldest sister's birthday.

These sisters were of rare beauty...very rare.

The eldest sister anxiously awaited the arrival of her tasty delicacy of mild boneless buffalo wings (for 1/2price, mind you).

But the youngest was slightly miffed, for how could she partake in mild buffalo wings--despite the "mild" name, they were still quite spicy. "The honey BBQ would have been a much better choice," she murmered to herself.

The middle sister, however, was just happy to be out with no children.

While waiting for her food, Melinda (that's what we'll call the eldest daughter) said, "I'm parched," and took a drink of her strawberry lemonade...

...but as she did, a lemon fell out right into her mouth. She made an awful face (as one can imagine she would).

Suddenly she thought to herself, "When life hands me lemons, why not make lemonade" and gracefully smiled.

But the youngest sister did not think it was something to smile about.

Just then, two young gentlemen approached the table where the three were sitting and asked if they could join "such lovely beauties..."

...these lovely beauties (don't they look thinner?).

But after discussing it amongst themselves, Felicity (the second sister) kindly stated that they would sooner eat with a wombat than with the two gentlemen standing before them...

...and sent them on their way.

At last their food arrived and Felicity promptly "dug in".

She thought the food was delicious and was so overjoyed that she smiled.

But Tiffany (the youngest) was not amused.

Finally, the bill was brought to the table. Tiffany grabbed the bill and sweetly exclaimed, "I'll pay for it!"

"Why would she be so excited to pay for the food?" Felicity inquired of Melinda, then looking closer noticed that in Tiffany's hand was the credit card her husband had left in her purse.

Felcity and Melinda nodded knowingly.

And that is the end of the story...

...or is it?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Appy Birthday, Froggy!

Here is a picture of my dear sissy who turns a year older today. Though the quality of the picture is not the best, I'm sure you can still tell just how good-looking she is *wink, wink*.

Believe it or not this next picture is not a picture of this same sissy. In fact it's not a picture of any of my siblings nor does it have anything to do with birthdays (although I've heard it resembles very much the birthday girl's husband when he first wakes up in the morning). Twiggy has an interest in Wombats lately and we got a kick out of this picture we found.
Isn't it cute!?!

Appy Birthday Froggy! I love you!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

In like a lion...

Winter has come to Wisconsin!

The girls attempted to go outside and play with Daddy, but almost as soon as they got outdoors the wind picked up along with the snow. The girls lasted about 10 minutes (which is about 10 minutes longer than I would've lasted) and then left Daddy to play outside by himself. Daddy may have to get used to the gals abandoning him on days like today, but he has high hopes that Rocky will stick by him through thick and thin.
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