Friday, April 24, 2009

Twiggy's Concert

Although we homeschool Twiggy, she goes to the local public school daily for "specials" which include music, art, and physical education. Last night she was able to participate in the spring concert held at the school. The theme was based on a whole bunch of songs that define the music throughout the history of the United States. Below are a few clips from her concert. Sorry about the poor quality.

"Elijah and Joshua"

"Swingin' the Night Away"

Here is Twiggy and a friend singing "Old Dan Tucker". My battery went dead before I could record the concert of is so they agreed to perform it again.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Breaking the Silence.

You know, keeping up with a blog on a regular basis is much easier than letting it go for a while and trying to start up again. After eight months of silence, where in the world do you begin?

I could start by announcing to our handful of readers (although I'm sure they are already aware) that we just recently had our fifth child, a boy whom we'll call Dude.

He's a sweet little guy and is greatly loved by all of his siblings, especially Frankie who will push the others out of the way while yelling, "My baby!"

We are currently back in my hometown after 8 months of excellent training with To Every Tribe Ministries. We loved our time down in Southern Texas and made some wonderful (and hopefully life-long lasting) friendships with the people there. Now we are pursuing whatever the Lord puts in front of us, which includes more schooling for Paul. Along with working full time, he has also been able to get involved tutoring immigrants on a weekly basis and is loving it!

I have been busy at home and I am enjoying having five kids. Yes, mothering five kids has its challenges, especially when you throw meals, dishes, laundry, school, etc....etc....etc....into the mix, but I mostly love it! I say mostly because there is nothing that teaches me how sinful I really am like having kids! Ugh!

So, this is our life, in a very small nutshell. If you need me to fill in any details please feel free to ask. I'm not making any promises, but we'll see where this post takes us.