Wednesday, February 06, 2008

She Sits!!

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Weak Narrative of Our Day at the Zoo

Last weekend a bunch of us went to the local zoo with our kids...13 kids to be exact, ages 9 and under (I don't know....we probably looked like we belonged at the zoo). We had a great time, even though by the end of the day we were all in sensory over-load! As usual I didn't get many pictures, but I will share what random pics I have:

Twiggy and her friend Luke acting like Monkeys.

A monkey acting like Paul when he's relaxing on the couch after a long school day (I had permission to write that).

Here are alllllllll 13 kids. The alligator is not real.

Here's Frankie enjoying her favorite part of the zoo.

3/4ths of my clan.

The moms early in the, calm and collected.

Rocky: I'm not sure if he's preparing for tribal missions or just imitating his mother (wink, wink)

*Twiggy and Daisy want all their friends to know that if they come for a visit they can go with them to the zoo for FREE!