Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm It!!

I've been tagged by fannie (by the way, you need to go read her Jan. 28th post--hilarious)!!

...sooo, five little known facts about me...hmmm....

1. I used to cry when my twin brother was getting his immunization shots, not because I felt bad for him, but because
I knew I was next.

2. I HATE to be tickled!!! Paul asks me, "Then why do you laugh?" Can you not laugh when your being tickled??? He now knows that if he tickles me, my wrath is upon him. He doesn't want to see that.

3. I used to pick gum up off the mall floor and eat it (hey, when you're little, gum is a treat and you get it any way you can--at least I did)!

4. When I was in junior high I loved the name "Kiki" and was determined that it would be the name of one of my daughters some day.

5. I love the taste and smell of bubblegum-flavored Amoxicillin (not to worry, I have not taken any from my kids nor have I stolen any from work).

There's the fun and exciting list. If I can catch them, I tag Jen, Banana, Michells2000 and Stacy O.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yes or No?

This actually happened a couple of nights ago when the teens in our church took Paul's challenge and memorized the passage of scripture he had given them. Each teen took a turn shaving a part of his head (of course, I forgot my camera for the actual head-shaving process). So here is the end it a look he should keep?

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


We got a new computer!! It came today....stay tuned.... ; )