Thursday, July 02, 2009


Being an oldest child, Twiggy thought it fitting to post a list of "Room Rules" to hang up in the kids' bedroom. She carefully wrote out each rule and then asked if she could type them on the computer. I said yes, but never thought to look at the rules she was writing until I heard her reading them to Daisy and Rocky. Below is Twiggy's list of rules:

1. When you are don with a toy put it away.
2. Do not open the hall atic (two bats in the house is plenty).
3. Sleep ing rool. 1, blankit 1, stuft Animal or doll and 1 pill0w.
4. Cleen up any BIG messes befor heding down stairs.
5. Obay the Lord Jesus Christ
6. Obay Gods Rools
7. Obay these Rools
8. Honer your Mom and Dad.
9. Do not comit ad0letre
10. Do not steel
11. Do not have any other gods except the tru GOD.

We may have some explaining to do concerning rule #9. Then again.....maybe not.