Friday, October 09, 2009

My Compassionate Little Fly Guy

With the weather getting colder a countless number of flies have sought refuge in the warmth of our home only to discover Rocky, our four-year-old, on a mission to "slay dragons" for his mommy. Or in this case, flies.

Rocky will swat flies anywhere, whether they land in his sister's breakfast bowl or on his brother's head, it makes no difference. If they are in our house, he will hunt them down.

While on this morning's hunt he found a few flies trapped between the screen and the pane of our living room window. After a few minutes of trying to reach them with his orange fly swatter, he sighed.

"Oh, the poor little fellas!" he exclaimed. "They'll die in there!"


Jodi said...

He's all for mercy killing rather than letting them starve to death. Cutie.

Fed up with Frauds said... priceless!!!! That might win you $50 if you submit it to Reader's Digest. Absolutely adorable!